Thursday, March 6, 2014


Just a few unedited shots of the excitement brewing at our house these days.  We're gearing up for little sister's arrival!!!

Inflating the birth pool

Pregnant with their babies...

Kylie is delighted to have birthed a baby girl!
While Avery's baby penguin is coming out the wrong end :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

These Days...

It's been a while, so this could be lengthy.  Or, I might get exhausted as I begin to recap the last three months and go into serious summary mode - thus making this update exceptionally  brief.  Let's see...

Our Christmas card...the pumpkins say "It's A Girl"

The holiday season always seems to bring a certain level of chaos, but this branch of the Dorr family took it to a whole new level this year.

We ended November with Philip taking a quick trip to Jordan for a screening of THE SAVIOR.  He then met us for Thanksgiving in Kansas where we visited my sister and brother in law.  Fun road zoo...Ft. Riley - all good stuff!  Naturally, in my haste to make it to a client's birth, I deleted all the Kansas photos I took.  Brilliant.

Kylie doing her daily dose of homeschool.  Admittedly, some days are challenging, but she is steadily
 progressing and becoming a confident reader. 
We are working hard to stay ahead of schedule so we can take some time off when the baby is born!

Mid-December marked the beginning of my third trimester!  

18 week sonogram

Check out that smile - aren't you in love with her already???

The belly at 35 weeks.  Picture courtesy of Kylie :)

As if welcoming a new baby isn't enough, we decided to buy a new house and sell our current one.  All of this happened before the end of the year, 2 days after Christmas.  We lived in a motel for a week while Philip gutted the new-to-us home. Then the girlies contracted some flu-like thing so we ended up living with our personal nurse for the next two weeks (otherwise known as my AMAZING grandmother!)

Sweet Ky beating her sickness with cartoons

Early January found Avery turning four years old.  Just. Can't. Believe. It.  We were recovering from the holidays, the flu, and moving so we had a sweet and very low-key celebration with family.

They met four years ago and have been in love ever since.


We have moved in to the new place now, but haven't quite gotten it all pulled together.  So more to follow soon - -  house pictures and of course pictures of our new baby girl are only a few weeks away!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Happenings

Our biggest news...

We're having ANOTHER little girl! 
Very excited about this!!!

We had family photos made (for the first time in three+ years).  Some of you will see related shots on your Christmas card, but here's a sneak peak...

Amanda with Callynth Photography took these great pictures...
Local friends should check out their website here!

And in other news...

The girls recycled their monkey and zebra costumes from two years ago. 
We had friends over for dinner and did a little trick-or-treating.

Ky has finished another successful season of soccer with the Butterflies. 
Here she is working on her pre-game stretch  :)

She has a very supportive cheering section!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mom's Belly

15 Weeks

When I put the girls to bed the other night, they gave my belly a kiss and told their sister (because they are sure we're having a girl!) they love her.  I shut the door thinking how sweet they were...and just then I heard Avery's little whisper say, "Mom's belly is getting so fat!"

And a few other slices of life...

Loving the new playset

It was supposed to take 9 hours to took 3 nine-hour days  :)

Avery found an ostrich up close

Dad trying to convince them that riding in the basket is still cool

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A New Dorr

I think most of our family and friends know, but there are probably a few stragglers out there...

We're having another baby, due March 2014! 
So right about now the littlest Dorr is around 2.5 inches long, is looking a little more human and has developed fingernails :)

Sportin' their "announcement" shirts...
These two are hoping for twins : )

In other news, Kylie has begun her kindergarten year in homeschool.  We're using a great curriculum produced by Kolbe Academy.  We are seven weeks in and so far, so good!  She's also enjoying piano lessons and soccer is about to start up again.  So we're busy learning hard and playing hard!

Enjoying a fort ... camping on our floor is much preferred to sharing our bed!

A close up of Avery's shiner.  This is a few days after falling off an inflatable water slide.

A visit to the local farm where we buy our milk

Bonding with the lady that drenches her cereal every morning : )

The milkman and his apparatus

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Girls of Summer

We're spending much of our time at the pool these days.
 Philip loves it because he can work in the quiet house, 
and we are enjoying being with friends while we soak up the sun.

Avery has a discovered the art of impersonation...this was her zebra day.

Too bad for Mom that this was a permanent marker and only two days before she was scheduled to be
a flower girl in Rachel & Jonathan's wedding.


Park time

Swim lessons at the scuba center.  Ky's first solo swim into the deep end
...obviously very proud of herself : )

Aves taking it all in

A little panic stricken, but she was happy by the end of the lesson.
I think this move is especially hard for her, as she has inherited her mother's need
to be in control at all times : )

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Five Years Old

Kylie Sophia {divine beauty & wisdom}
She is the first bright light in our lives...
we are humbled and deeply thankful that God chose to give her to us.

Kylie's birth-day turned into a birth-week - and it was a glorious week!
On her actual birthday our planned trip to the zoo got rained out.  So instead, we opted for her first mani/pedi!

Kylie really enjoyed the massage chair and Avery remained very focused on what was happening to her feet.

That evening we went down to the farm so Philip could finish a little building project. 
Meanwhile the girls enjoyed several games of Go-Fish with Gan.

Friday brought ear piercing!  Kylie has wanted to do this for a while and she was a CHAMP!

Then this little one climbed up in the chair...

...and she actually did it!  No tears : )

They look super cute and enjoy telling everyone they meet that "it really hurt!"

Saturday Kiki & Pop came bearing gifts.  We got a large pool for the backyard and a darling summer wardrobe!

By the end of the weekend we were all pooped out.  The girls spent Sunday afternoon watching a movie with Dad.